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6 Steps to Unblock Body Wisdom

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6 Steps to Unblock Body Wisdom  read it at http://KimberlyWulfert.comYour physical body is an entrance to secrets you hold within your wisdom there. At the same time, your physical structures can hold memories or builds blocks that separate you from your body wisdom. Sometimes the block becomes more of a focus than the wisdom.

Blocks come in various forms. Some show up physically as tension, areas of pain, illness and chronic illness, poor sleep, fatigue, or as impulsivity, addictions or as toxins, allergies and food intolerances.

Some are emotion based such as incongruent emotional reactions, subconscious memories, emotional pain, sadness, numbing, and anger.

Others are energetic blocks such as restricted blood flow leading to headaches,  sluggishness, difficulty with focus and comprehension, confusion and indecision, unmotivated, and fearful or anxious. You get the picture.

Blocks can overlap and often do, reeking greater discomfort or none at all, that you are aware of. Instead you have a sense of being stuck, stagnant, unclear about the whats and whys of your life. Making decisions and getting out of your own way seems harder to do in a particular area of your life than it used to.

In order to help you get unblocked, one way I use with clients in therapy is via guided visualization into your body’s blocks to help you to retrieve your wisdom within.  Often this makes more sense than entering through your thoughts which can be clouded by self-doubt and defenses. Thoughts also add another layer of blocks which are formed by habitual patterns, cognitive biases, fears, and beliefs.

You can do this yourself. Here’s how in 6 steps:

Your body can speak to you if you invite it to do that and listen to what it has to tell you.

Where do the voices dwell in your body? Where are they calling your attention to? Are they screaming or whispering, or neither? What are they telling you?

To find out, sit comfortably, with your eyes closed and a straight spine and neck.

1.  Focus your breathing into the center of a physical sensation that is bringing your attention to it now.

2.  Observe the sensation without changing or judging it. It may shift in intensity, quality, duration, or placement. Just notice it changing and keep your focus on it as best you can.

3.  If there is too much pain after a minute or two, consciously release the tension or pain by placing your focus there, imaging it flattening out as if a wrinkle in cotton were being relaxed by the heat of an iron. Or, breath into it rather than resisting it. Take full slightly slower breaths through your nose as you do this and your nervous system will find its inner balance quickly.

4.  With an open and curious mind you may sense what the sensation, pain or tension is telling you. It may come as a thought, an image or a memory. You might allow your intuition to help you unravel the body’s language.

5.  When you understand, thank your body or intuition for talking with you. Repeat the process in other areas that call to you. When you’re done, sit in silence with your eyes closed for a couple more minutes to let it soak in, encode on your memory so it can be stored for retrieval later.

6.  Keep a journal near you and jot down what information you received as soon as possible, before you forget it. The initial storage of a memory has to be tapped or recalled so neurons fire, connect and form patterns many times before it becomes permanently stored. Your journal is a repository for both quick reminders and thoughts you want to keep long term to use as you move forward.

Try it out won’t you, and let me know what comes up for you in the comments box below.  Any questions or comments are always welcome. I’d love for you to be a part of my community by receiving my posts and some goodies through your email box. Check out the upper corner of this page.

Namaste,  may you be at peace and live this week with ease.

Dr. Kim

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