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Brain and Gut Chakras, Sixth and Third

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Brain and Gut Chakras, Sixth and Third

Your Brain and Gut Chakras, aka the Sixth and Third Chakras

The Solar Plexus is the third chakra, and the Third Eye is the sixth chakras. The Solar Plexus, or gut, and the Third Eye, or brain, work hand in hand.   It’s important they are in balance, energetically speaking, when  informing each other so you get the clear positive impact of their guidance.

When I teach about chakras, I use the spelling  shock-rahs. This is because I see the energetic funnel, a chakra’s shape, as an energetic vortex that needs to be awakened when it becomes still or turns very slowly, hence I want my students to shock, as in ignite,  it into motion by focusing on it, by engaging in what it symbolizes, and through mediating on its significance to their life at that point in time while visualizing it turning within their subtle body.  The subtle body is the energetic body around your physical body, out to about 12-18 inches.  It’s called the aura.

Brain Shock-rah

The brain in our head reigns supreme, but the gut is the 2nd brain and the older one of the two. Before you had a neocortex and frontal lobes, you only had the gut and instincts to guide you. Hence gut-instinct is real. The gut produces 95% of the serotonin in your body, and other neuron cells and neurotransmitters live there too.

The Third Eye or 6th chakra, or as I call it, your brain shock-rah, located between your eyebrows, is in front of the Executive Center area of your brain. It governs the pineal gland in your brain, which makes hormones based on the light, the entire brain, eyes, visualizing happens here, and the sinus/nose area.

It is your area of psychic awareness and connection. If you can open that shock-rah and tap into a connection with the higher realms, this guidance can direct your actions. There are many ways to receive guidance. Opening the third eye will help you discover your way.

Gut Shock-rah

The third shock-rah or Solar Plexus, or as I call it, your gut shock-rah, is considered the power center of your human being.

The sixth shock-rah is spiritually inspired and connected to your intuition and your guides. The gut shock-rah is earth inspired and connected to your human being.

The gut shock-rah is the where you get and store your fire to fuel your will to do and take action in your work and on your purpose. It supports your will to act on what your intuitive 6th shock-rah brings to your human self’s understanding and motivation. The sixth shock-rah intuits the big picture view of your plan or purpose. It could be what you came to the planet to offer, give and learn.

Physically speaking

The solar plexus governs your stomach, digestion, adrenal glands, pancreas, and liver. Your liver cleans your blood system of toxins, and the adrenals manage stress with the pancreas.

The Third Eye governs your brain, upper head, sinus area, and eyes.

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