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Cultivate, Integrate, Act

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From a woman and artist I coached for 4 months: “Kimberly Wulfert is an intuitive, intelligent, and educated coach who ” got” me from the moment I met her. She will really hear you and recognize your authentic self. She will guide you in identifying and prioritizing your desires, then hold you accountable for taking steps towards fulfilling them. I came upon my vision board from over a year ago and almost everything on it, no matter how how far a reach it appeared to be at the time, has come to be.”  from Laurel

What does my tag line Cultivate ~ Integrate ~ Act mean for you?

Together, we’ll sort things out, regroup if needed, and get new ideas or information that lead to possibilities you hadn’t yet considered. Together we’ll revise as needed to hone your resources, both internally and externally, so that you have a fertile foundation from which to go after and get what you want, desire and need. I call this the time to Cultivate.

As your  coach, Cultivating includes your being exposed to new ways of thinking, new perspectives, new authors and experts, new people, new insights, and new self-awareness. It includes mindful ways, and the building of support for your goals and wants in your family, business, or community.

Next, time is spent to Integrate what you’ve gathered and taken hold of … integrating it into your self-awareness, personal perspective of yourself and others, your role, capabilities and a possibly revitalized vision of the life you want to lead.  Clarity, courage, creativity, a sense of direction and purpose, and a “Yes, I can do this” attitude will be the signs you have Integrated your expanded awareness, following from the foundation and support systems you Cultivated within yourself and within your environment.  As you integrate the thoughts, feelings and desires, they become part of you in your personal and/or professional life.

With expanded awareness comes other gifts and an end to:  feeling unnecessary anxiety, worry, fear, confusion and procrastination. You’ll no longer be floating with chance leading, having no direction of your own to trust … 0r be stuck in a position you are not sure how to leave or change. You’ll no longer feel lonely in a crowd, or alone when you’d rather not be. Once you know your true nature, your natural self, you’ll find people you fit with and with whom you further grow and expand.

How does this happen in coaching? It’s through aligning with your natural self, allowing it to emerge. Once you are seeing from that point of view, from your true self, your natural-born self, you are comfortable, powerful, focused, and capable. And you feel that finally, YES, NOW, you can take Action.

And finally, Act. You will feel ready and able. When you take Action … small steps or big steps … on what you have cultivated and integrated, you complete the transformation. I will be there to support you 100%, reassess if needed and celebrate as needed. It’s easier with a coach to meet your dreams and goals.  Otherwise, any ‘hoarding’ that you do stops the flow of energy coming in, and this gets heavy. And, soon, you are back to where you were …  stagnant, frozen, stuck.

I will help you find the first ‘best steps’ to take that will keep the momentum going for you and not overwhelm or scare you. This is one of the best parts of having a coach! It’s easier and sometimes wiser to bounce ideas off a coach before jumping forward.  Having someone to whom you can send a list of “Dones” on schedule, the ones you set and met, is when being accountable to another feels good. And if you miss the deadline, I can guide you in making changes in which you can succeed; my training in positive psychology and motivation comes in here.

I will always celebrate with you. I am not judgmental or a task master, as some coaches are because they believe that is right and helpful. Instead, I will act as your ally, your mirror, and your “wiser self” until you can take over those positions for yourself.

As a bonus, if you want, I will teach you how to meditate. I’ll help you learn the techniques that will be the most soothing and helpful to you to ease stress, build self-confidence, and have a strong relationship with your true self.  I’ve taught Meditation for Mind and Body Health for the last 3 years.

Let’s talk.   offer a complimentary 20 minute phone call. There is no pressure.  Who you choose as your coach is vitally important to your experience and outcome. I want the best for you, for all women. I may or may not be the best coach for you and your circumstance at this time, or I may offer more than you dreamed was possible.  After we talk you’ll have more information to make an informed decision. Why not schedule a chat right now, or 805-320-9361. I work with women all over the US and some places beyond.  (For more info about my approach to coaching.)