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Finding Tranquility

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Finding Tranquility jan. 21 blog on Integrated WisdomWhere do you find tranquility in your life these days? How will you know you found it? What does tranquility feel like to you?

Here are my thoughts on where you find tranquility.

Tranquility feels like a still lake. It’s alive, organic, and in motion, yet appears still. Still, as in serene, intact, whole, connected and dynamic.

When rain comes, the motion on the lake’s surface reacts appearing to divide, detach and upset the wholeness, disrupting the stillness.

When the storm ends, the surface appears serene again, matching the deeper layers below that remained intact and tranquil as the wind blew and drops fell, never losing itself in the ever-changing energy around it.

Tranquility lies in a deeper space within us than emotional storms do. Emotions are subjectively derived from the perceived distance from the tranquil place within and below the surface smile, “I’m fine” dimension worn in public.

Tranquility is like a point of reference, like 32° is to meteorology; all temperatures are arranged around the freezing point. The “windchill factor” and the “humidity index” add the “it will feel like” estimate for the day: so THEY say.

Tranquility is the polar opposite of the factor and index concept.  It’s a state-of-being-and-mind that is personal, alive, organic, and in motion. It’s personal, an inner point of calm. With deliberate focus you can connect in spite of energetic chills blowing around as stress, deaths, and mess and heated times of anger, fear and sex.

Tranquility is the enduring center point within, from which all emotions are compared too and measured from but doesn’t necessarily determine which emotion you are wearing as your experience right now. Take a moment to notice how far you are feeling from your tranquil point right now.

The distance you feel from it matters. Once you are aware that tranquility is always there within you, like a still lake in your center, you can find your way to it and dive in.

I’d love to hear your idea of tranquility in the comments below – Please share!


Dr. Kim

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  1. Tranquility where does mine come from? It starts each morning as I sit at my kitchen window and look into the morning, each new dawn brings a new delight I never know what I will see because I live in the Pacific Northwest and our weather changes by the hour. This is where I find my tranquility, I step into my morning meditations and prepare to start my day. It sounds lovely but it took me a long time to find myself to finally know who I was and to really love myself. I saw myself through the eyes of others, people who did not love me. I had a lot to learn it was thru writing (writing for healing)that I found my voice, I discovered who I was and what was important to me I found my inner peace, without it there can be no true tranquility. You can have all the beauty in the world and not experience peace, true peace comes from within it takes work to find that place of knowing that you are whole and worthy of love but the journey is worth the energy spent, each of us must find our own place of peace, that place of tranquility where we truly belong. Thank you Kim.

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