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How to Get Unstuck

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Flexibility is the key to getting unstuck and to avoiding getting stuck.  

Let flexibility become a way of living for you.  You’ll become healthier, resilient and ready for most things that occurr if you embrace the constancy of change in your life. As Carl Jung put it, the only thing you can count on is change.

What does this mean exactly? It means it is necessary to continually adapt to whatever is happening in the present. Yes, continually.

When you resist something, it persists. Thoughts, feelings, and  necessary actions that you put off examining or dealing with or doing persist and grow. Everyone procrastinates on some things, so you know what I’m talking about.

Timing is important. Being patient with yourself when what you’re resisting is painful or difficult is needed.

Taking small steps to deal with the “stuckness” on a continual basis, is adapting.  How to approach what you want to resist depends on what you’re dealing with. A flexible and embracing attitude is what you want to have on an ongoing basis, knowing that the level of intensity is something you can spread out to a more comfortable level so you won’t block or repress what’s authentically coming into your awareness.

Flexibility, not rigidity, in your approach to things will keep you from crumbling and falling apart during the tougher times. Being stuck is a form of  resistance.

Try this with something you are stuck on that isn’t extremely painful:
Stop what you’re doing and take a breath or two.  Think about what your stuckness looks like right now. Then open to, with wide eyes so to speak,to whatever  thought, emotion or bodily sensation that comes into your awareness. Without judging or changing it, sit with and reflect on whatever is occurring, until it either gives you information about your sticky situation or shifts. You will know it has shifted when something about what has come into your awareness changes or  moves to another place in your body, mind or emotions.

Then rest and reflect on the new awareness until it gives you information or shifts and so on.  Generally this allows you to see the situation from another angle or a wider perspective. Finally,  take it from there, staying flexible as you consider what you’ve gathered. When moving in the direction of what seems best to you now,  your resistance will reduce or vanish for the time being. continuing to take steps in the direction of your goals will keep you flexing and progressing.

May your day be filled with releases from stuck places in your mind, body and emotions.



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