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Keep your Heart Chakra Balanced, Start this Valentine’s Day

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Keep your Heart Chakra Balanced, Start this Valentine’s Day

Intentionally keeping your Heart chakra in balance this Valentine’s Day can be the start of a new way of being and a new morning ritual.

The heart chakra is the shock-rah of love and emotions connected to loving others and being in a relationship. Love, compassion, relationships of all kinds, not only intimate and besties, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding, and non-judgmental acceptance all emanate from a balanced heart chakra.

The heart chakra is in the fourth one and in the center of your energetic body.  It is in the middle of the linear vertical energetic chakra core of the seven main chakras.  So the heart chakras especially affects all of them because of this placement.  A block in the heart chakra will have a very different effect on your mind, body, and spirit than a balanced, energetic center, as will a heart chakra that is open too wide.  Balance is the key.

This chakra’s balance and clarity is most important to the energetic flow throughout your entire energetic core because the heart shock-rah functions as the bridge between the upper and lower shock-rahs, the bridge between the physical body(the three lower shock-rahs) and the spiritual body (the three upper shock-rahs).

The heart chakra conveys energy messages across the bridge that flow from the spiritual level of understanding to the body level of understanding, and from your grounded self-to spirit self.

I equate having a balanced heart shock-rah to the open-heartedness concept.  In general this implies you have not built a wall or shield within you at the ready to protect your heart at a hair’s trigger.  It means you don’t meet new people with preconceived judgment toward others based on your own past experiences or belief systems.  It also means you have not walled yourself off from emotional connection with others out of fear of connecting on an emotional level.

Discernment is possible when your heart shock-rah, as I prefer to spell it, is in balance.  A clear and balanced heart chakra shows up as a willing heart with an open mind, a compassionate stance, and an inner Knowing about who you can safely add to your life and relate in a healthy way.

Letting go of past hurts with forgiveness and the intention to get on with your life indicates a more balanced shock-rah, as is recognizing another’s plight and feeling compassion for their suffering.

Holding onto hurt, anger, revengefulness, and hate will shut your shock-rah down thereby affecting all the shock-rahs.

Over-giving, suffocating, controlling, and people pleasing, indicate a heart shock-rah far out of balance.

There is an upper and lower heart chakra indicated by a difference in the energies color associated with it.  The upper heart is pink, and the lower heart is green, emerald-green in my way of thinking.

Physically speaking, the entire heart shock-rah influences the areas of your chest, thymus, breasts, lungs, heart and the lymphatic and circulation systems.

This Valentine’s day, let it be a reminder that loving yourself is as important as other’s loving you.  When you love yourself your energy will invite others in too.

If the idea of loving yourself seems hard or impossible right now, then this is something you need to change for yourself as soon as you can. It’s a process, so why not start this Valentine week.

Here’s how you may want to begin.  Put your hand over your heart and say silently I love myself just as I am seven times in a row, slowly and with intention every morning. Some days, or at the start, you may have to say it more than seven times.  Say it until you believe it even a tiny bit at that moment. You’ll know it when you feel it, no matter how tiny the sense of it is.  It’s an inner knowing that you do actually love yourself just as you are in this moment. You may not love everything you’ve done, but you are a human being, not a human doing.  Love your beingness.

If this is too hard right now, then begin with putting your hand over your heart and listing 3 people in your life you are grateful for without repeating anyone for a week.  You can be grateful for strangers that deliver food you eat to where you buy it, or cooks you’ve never met whose food you eat, or the garbage man, or post office clerk.  Anyone that contributes to your life can fulfill a gratitude moment for you.  Eventually you’ll feel more gratitude toward yourself and then can more easily begin the I love myself just as I am daily practice.

Happy Valentine’s day!



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