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1:1 Coaching to Lose Weight for Life

For the woman who wants: off the roller coaster, off the yo-yo dieting, to not feel the pull to overeat, who wants balance and peace with eating. 


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I created the Weight Loss MAP to Freedom for a mindful and natural way to lose weight, to keep the weight loss off for life. When MAPPING this way, you feel like a treasure hunter  finding your own path to the treasure.  Or  a detective, if you like that metaphor better, because this approach takes thought;  it’s not a “copy this recipe and drink this smoothie” kind of thing at all. And it is not focused in your past, but moment to moment to moment and reflecting on connections and missing parts. Being a psychologist is like this too.

Today I am a mindful mentor who’s been where you are now. I overcame my years of  struggle with food, my oversized body weight and eating.  Now 30+ years later, I’ve kept the weight off.  The mental cycling of craving, eating and self-loathing is still on off, and I have remained thin, without dieting, pills or surgery.

I like acronyms and discovering things and solving problems, so I call this process MAPPING 

 Mindfully Applied  Plan for  Personalizing &  Insightfully Integrating your plan to  Navigate &  Ground your actions

This is a lifestyle change, not a diet or quick fix. This plan puts you in charge and works  because you are working it AND your body wants to be healthy. Your body does not want to carry a lot of extra weight around, it’s heavy. It forces parts of your body to work harder and leaves other parts with fewer resources and energy than they normally need. Weaker parts of your body will be the oens to get sick when something has to give, or you’re going through a reallly stressful time.

Your MAP will change how your brain works and perceives, opening your eyes to new options, desires and strengths in different areas of your life.  Food issues can lead you to live a narrower life, and you wonder why you’re bored or lonely or unhappy.  After a while, your brain helps you lose extra weight by automatically implementing (firing patterns) that reflect the new choices you’ve made in your life. It gets easier and easier. Temptations disappear.

There is also a specially designed, very pretty in fact, that works with your MAP. The Compass is your Ground Map: a tangible, customized, personal plan that will make losing weight happen for you with more ease and focus through your mind and body than you have experienced with other diets….maybe ever.  Your Compass adapts and changes as you do, no one plan fits all for life. Your compass will reflect only you – your true nature and your body’s needs.

No one knows your body from the inside out like you do. No one is better suited to lose the weight you carry around right now than you are; no surgery, pills or teas. My coaching program helps you  create the MAP to your thinner self with all the support,  strength and information  from me that you need to help you keep going and find your way out of the compulsions and traps that keep you overweight.

For a no-fee  consult  to find out if coaching, by phone or in-person with me, using my program and workshseets, can work for you- contact me to schedule a phone call meeting.