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Meet your Highest-Self Workshop Feb. 12

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Meet your Highest-Self Workshop Feb. 12

This Sunday Meet your Highest Self in my new workshop, Meditate on Paper.  Especially for people who rather be moving while meditating, but the class if for anyone who wants to find their own answers within.

11-3PM Feb. 12, bring paper, pen, lunch and water, a cushion if you like and layers of clothes.

You’ll try 4 different methods of writing /journaling to get answers to your questions about your life, health, relationship, career, anything at all.

All that you write is private, no sharing is asked for or required.  We will only discuss the processes themselves so that you understand them well to enable your use of the ones you like again at home.

These are proven techniques of writing longhand on paper to get to your inner wisdom.  It’s true!  I have used these methods myself for years.  This isn’t hocus pocus, you’ll use both sides of your brain, with an emphasis on the less often tapped right side.  Anyone can do them and they are very interesting and helpful.

Please pre-register with the City of Ventura and pay them, saving time on Sunday, funday.

or  call them during business hours, through Thursday 654-7563

More info

Questions. call me 320-9361


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