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Near Death Experiences

Ventura Near Death Experiencers & Near Death Awareness meetings

Open to the public for education and understanding, adults only. I recently started this public forum meeting in Ventura. It is not a therapy or coaching group, but a safe place to discuss, share your experience and get more information  

The purpose of this group is to come to a better understanding of what happened to you and to find acceptance for your experience as something that is normal.

This Meetup is for people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) or out-of–body experience (OBE) themselves, or wonder if they have, and would like to learn more about consciousness, death and afterlife.

  • This group is also forcaregivers who have had near-death-awareness (NDA) experiences while caring for or being with people nearing and at the end of their life. The NDA experience is an out of the ordinary experiences you have as the caregiver because of what the person either tells you or you experience with them.
  • The group will also welcome people who have hadvisitation from those who have passed over.Those who attend will be asked if they would like to share, keeping the stories relevant and brief enough to give others the chance to talk to discuss these death-life-related unique experiences with each other.

At most meetings there will be a  DVD from a recognized speaker or experiencer, occassionaly a live speaker, and sharing and discussion.

I am a licensed psychologist and over the years have worked with some individuals who were misdiagnosed, or should I say diagnosed as having something wrong with them, when in fact, they had one of these unique experiences.

Commonly, depression and/or anxiety may follow from an unexamined or unacknowledged experience. I have had many consciousness alternating experiences surrounding death myself, although they do not include an NDE. I’ve read and researched these types of experiences for over 25 years. I’m fascinated by individual’s stories and the meaning of life after death, which by default, gives us more meaning to living our life.

We will be joined by Barbara Bartolome, the founder and leader of IANDS Santa Barbara, the local chapter of the International Association of Near-Death Studies. Barbara is a two time NDE experiencer and active participant in conferences across the nation.

Small donations to help cover the cost of the meet-up would be appreciated. Any extra money will go toward supporting IANDS Santa Barbara. If there is enough interest, we will meet monthly.

Join the Meetup group page, no cost, and you’ll find more information and receive announcements of upcoming meetings and the film to be shown. Please RSVP if you intend to come as seating is limited, so update your RSVP to no if you find you are unable to come. There will be a wait list for each meeting, and the next person will be automatically contacted.

Feel free to contact me through the form below or through Meetups email message system.

We meet on the last Wednesday of each month  from  7-9 PM (except in November and December, TBA)

Donations only     Chair seating is limited, there is floor space.

Questions?   Join and read the Meetup page above first. There are more details there. If that doesn’t answer your question you can connect with me through my Meetup email or the form below.

The location of the meeting is given to members when they join through the link above. If you are not already registered on, you must do that first. Go to meetup(.)com, it is free. Then go to my link above or put in the title of my group.