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My approach is research and evidence-based, from psychology, neuroscience,  and contemplative practices such as mindful living and meditation, although Buddhism is not implied here. Working with me is both experiential and an interactive conversation to keep your energy flowing, and free the areas that are blocked. Blocks show up as emotional and physical symptoms, anxiety, poor sleep, depression, overeating, poor concentration, fear, unhappiness, pain or illness, anger , inadequacy, no confidence, indecisive and stagnant, and under-employed.

I see some or all of your symptoms as signals and road signs helping you, by calling out for attention, to guide your way.   This is not a “one size fits all” “make it work” approach.

I’ll teach you mindfulness-based techniques to release your symptoms and different ways to meditate and foster restorative healing for your mind, body, and brain. Meditating also offers a place to meet with your Higher Self or whatever Greater Source you relate to. Once learned and practiced, meditation is a flowing path of loving support, guidance, calm, objectivity, discernment, and joy.

When you focus inward rather than outward, you integrate the wisdom you’ve acquired over time, including experiences and intuitions. Some of you will lead from your spirit. Focusing inward will allow you to live your authentic life and natural self.

Personal growth with your spiritual beliefs brings freedom sooner and is arrived at a bit easier, too. This is what I have found to be so with my clients who have a spiritual belief system and the research supports this across the board. The particular belief doesn’t matter; the difference comes from developing your own connection to a higher self or Source and discovering your values are about this.

I work almost exclusively with adults, individually. 

Private sessions are available for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and depend on what suits your need during that visit. I also offer private instruction for meditation that is geared to your current needs and experience.

We can meet in person, by phone or through my HIPPA approved video site for sessions. WE can change them up as needed by the circumstances.

Groups are 60, 90 or 120 minutes, in person and sometimes by phone. They are closed to new members once started, with a topic, purpose and end date, and are usually 6 to 12 weeks in duration, meeting once weekly. They are a unique experience and cost less per session than private sessions. I will ask each person to contribute to the dialogue and participate in the homework assignments when asked. So, if having all the attention on yourself for an hour seems to be too much, then a group session might be just the format for you.

Workshops and Classes: I regularly teach Meditation for Mind and Body Health classes, as well as various mindfulness-based classes, weight loss, mindful eating, and creative release. Click on tab Meditate for current offerings. Email me a topic of interest to you.

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Teaching meditation on site to businesses and organizations

This is a fee-for-service practice. I accept credit cards. Times are tough for many people today and not everyone has insurance. I have based my fee on the current times, to make it work for more people.

I know this doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m sorry about that. The course your therapy takes will be determined by you and I, not an insurance company or diagnosis or number of sessions allowed. Our work together will just be based on what your needs and goals are for you. All of the information you share with me, in writing and in consultations, is held strictly confidential.  There will be no record of your history online as it would be if I took your insurance.

Self-reliance is my intention for you. You will have your own sense of directing your life, and you will have methods for insight to use on your own for the rest of your life. I keep the number of sessions to  what is essentially needed and effective, rather than go on for years. Instead, once we have done the work, I prefer meeting periodically for tune-ups or check-ins as needed. With our relationship established, it will be possible to pick up wherever you are, in most cases.

I ask potential clients to arrange a brief phone call with me before making a first appointment, rather than email. This is to determine if we are a good fit. I seldom offer traditional psychotherapy, but that may not be what is best for you at this time. If that’s true, I can make a referral for you.  Call me at 805-320-9361.


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