Get it now - How to STOP an Anxiety Attack & Bonus Mindfulness & Relationships


Mindful moment on rainbow in Ojai CA


Taking time-out for mindful moments put you back into your  life.   Mindful breaks have been shown to reduce stress in the moment and for awhile afterward and to reduce  your  reaction to stressful events over time.    Like a river flowing and I’m riding it fully …

 engaged in the flow, but not attached to where it’s going.  I am not sitting with my eyes closed as in mindfulness meditation.    No past, no future, no forcing or intentional relaxing takes place.  I am being in the moment, without judgement or expectations.
Over time and repetitions, these experiences change your brain; the way it fires and connects, the way it responds.  Living life via habitual patterns of perspective and thought is not really living, is it? It’s existing and getting by on automatic pilot.

Mindfulness, as I use it in my  own practice,and teach to my clients, is comprised of 1-5 minute breaks taken throughout my day when I intentionally become present to the moment and experience of whatever it is I’m doing, looking at or feeling.  I am alert and aware of whatever is going on around me and inside my body in those minutes as fully present to each moment, noticing it without judgment, receiving what  comes  through my senses. To learn more about the mindfulness-based therapy I offer go here