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The New Psychotherapy

The New Psychotherapy

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Einstein is famous for saying  You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.   I teach you to mindfully direct your brain to change your life.

My approach is cutting edge and evidence-based, from recent research in psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and contemplative practices such as meditation and mindfulness. Buddhism is not implied here. This is not a one-size-fits-all or a make-it-work approach.You are not your symptoms.  You are far more than that. In my approach to therapy, I help you use your mind in a mindful way, aware and present focused.  You can learn to change your brain’s automatic responses to overcome fear, anxieties, depression, habits of thoughts, emotions and behaviors you don’t want and replace them with what you prefer.

Working with me in a session is an experiential and interactive conversation, keeping your energy flowing, your awareness expanding and your symptoms shifting and dispersing.

This is an investment in yourself, specifically in your personal and, if you want,  spiritual growth. The changes you make will not be fleeting or stuffed away in a closet.

When you focus inward rather than outward, you integrate your acquired wisdom and perceive experiences in your awareness from a fresh perspective looking through a different lens than the one you’ve been carrying around for years unknowingly. Then you lead your life from your true self, walking the path as your authentic and natural self. The choices are yours to make on this path of life.

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