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What I Do

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy, coaching and teaching. My desire is to help you find a meaningful and satisfying life, inner peace and renewed trust in your own perceptions so that you can be decisive and take the actions you desire. I help adults suffering from:

Therapy for:
Men & Women with:
Anxiety & Fears
Depression & Worry
Stress & Fatigue
Women’s Issues & Transitions
Grief & Loss issues, including pets
Mind-Body Illnesses or concerns

Coaching for:
How to Meditate for Mind/Body Health
Women over 40 who aspire to expand,
refine or explore what’s next for them
HeartMath, builds resilience to stress
through managing emotions & energy
Goal setting & accountability business
Weight Loss or Mindful Eating

My approach is mindfulness-based, not Buddhism, but taken from the contemplative sciences, psychology and the latest neuroscience research as it relates to helping you to change your experience of life and overcome fear, anxiety, turmoil or emotional pain that is showing up in your life.  You will learn to deepen self-reliance and trust your own judgement and perceptions.  With a stronger mind/body/brain resilience you can ride the ups and downs like waves.  Our work together will be secular (non-spiritual) unless you prefer it  to be spiritual, in the orientation of your choice.

My approaches in therapy  work synergistically, effectively changing your brain in a positive direction of your choosing, unlike in your  impressionable and parent-led youth. In turn, this will change your perceptions and emotions concerning issues in your life today.  You can live and respond to your life feeling capable of making new choices of your own and act in new ways that benefit you.  You can live mindfully, trusting in yourself, and expressing  your authentic nature each moment. 

Please note that I do not work with drug and alcohol addictions or adolescents and children. 

I believe there are limitless possibilities within every human being and therefore I do not set limits for you via a diagnosis or labels.

The effects of your past are happening right now  in your relationships, work, health, emotions, thoughts and behavior.  What results from the past is usually labeled ‘depression, anxiety, an illness, fear, underachieving, numbing-out, unhealthy relationships, over-eating, compulsive shopping’ and so forth.  I will help you as they arise in the present, and therefore and not focus primarily on your past but on today, helping you deal with current obstacles and emotions.

The journey is multidimensional and personalized for you.  My wholistic  approach to healing emotional and mental health lessens the likelihood that you will develop or maintain current stress-related health problems.

I can speak to a wide scope of mind/body practices, including energy and chakra work, meditations, creativity and right brain development. As appropriate, I will make suggestions or  referrals to excellent practitioners for treatments I don’t provide such as massage, acupuncture, nutrition, movement, physicians or nurse practitioners, and other types of body/work.

If you are ready and serious about getting healthy and centered,  I invite you to email me to schedule a 20-minute complimentary phone “meeting.” I’ll ask you a few questions  to determine if  this approach to therapy would be a good fit for you, and you can do the same.

As a Licensed HeartMath 1:1 Coach, we may use HeartMath’s scientifically validated heart-based stress reducing, revitalizing coaching, which incorporates physiologically-based feedback technology. This can help you learn how to transform your reaction to stressors and maintain a healthier life for your mind and body, in person.