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Who lives to be 100 years old?

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Who lives to be 100 years old?

Be sure to watch the video below. Recently I attended a day-long seminar about the effect of diet and other lifestyle choices on cognition, mental health and longevity. The focus was on people who live longer than 100 years vs those who don’t and what they die from.

Drawing from studies of centenarians around the world, (63,000 of them) it’s mostly lifestyle choices and stress management that make the difference in – one’s health, avoiding Alzheimer’s, and living independently in old age. This accounts for 70%. Gene’s account for 30%. Epigenetics is the science behind the fact that most gene’s are turned on and off by the environment they are in, which is regulated by your lifestyle choices, food, the air you breath, water you drink and mindset.

As a holistic psychologist, I am fascinated and uplifted by what I’ve learned over the years about how we can, through choices we make each day, assist in bringing about good mental and physical health. I’ve used this information to my best advantage and help clients do the same. I’ll write more about how you can too in coming posts, or set up a consultation with me to discuss your situation now.

In the meantime, enjoy this 13 minute interview of a 96-year-old woman who exemplifies what the centenarian studies found. She’s being featured as a Yoga teacher (to this day), but she begins the interview talking about her mindset. Take note!

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