"The freedom you long for is not beyond your reach. In fact, it's within you now"

Looking to the past is not where you'll find it. Mindfulness-based therapy teaches how being in the moment guides you to move beyond anxiety, fear, uncertainty, unwanted habits and hiding from your true nature.

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805-320-9361 to reach me directly or leave a private message.
By appointment only, day and evening as available

1500 Palma Drive, Suite 276
Ventura, California 93003
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Corner of Valentine and Palma Drive … between Victoria and Telephone exits off the 101.

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Welcome to my office.

Sitting area
Front of office bldg.

What I Do

Mindfulness and brain-based psychotherapy and coaching.
I help adults suffering from:

Therapy for Men & Women with:
Anxiety & Fears
Depression & Worry
Stress & Fatigue
Women’s Issues & Transitions
Illness or health-related
Victims of a crime or home invasion
Grief & Loss issues, including pets

Coaching for:
Learn  to Meditate
Women over 40 who aspire to expand,
refine or explore what’s next for them
Small Business owners re-vision, revise, respond,
goal setting, planning & accountability
building resilience to stress
through managing emotions & energy
Weight Loss
Mindful Eating

Who I Am

Wulfert_300_blue_jacketWelcome, I am Dr. Kimberly Wulfert, a licensed clinical psychologist since 1989,  in private practice in Ventura. I help adults who live in California, and coach nationally by phone.

I bring you 35+ years of experience helping clients. I believe our mind and body are completely intertwined, one affecting the other. I take an integrated approach to emotional wellness by focusing on your whole self, your body, mind, food, health, environment, your whole story and  potential.

I am a certified HeartMath Coach and trained life coach. I teach classes and workshops I ‘ve developed with a holistic health + mindful perspective, such as Meditation for Mind Body Health,  Mindfulness Meditation for Abundant Creativity, Mindful Eating to Lose Weight. Two new workshops in Winter 2017 are Writing to Heal and Assessing Your Chakras.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, arrange a 20-minute no-cost phone meeting with me to find out if a mindfulness-based and integrated approach will help you. …. More