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Meditation Classes

Welcome!  Open the menu under this tab to see the classes being offered now, GROUP MEDITATION starts Sept. 21 for 6 wks.

The beginning Meditation classes I have developed and teach are intended for improving mind  body health and personal-development. After teaching it for 6+ years, I have seen better health and well-being as the result over and over again.

In private sessions, or groups and classes, to the public or businesses, I will teach you my method of meditating to reduce stress and increase clarity, focus and well-being. I developed a method to help even first time meditators be successful in reducing physiological and psychological symptoms of stress induced disorders. Psychophysiological disorders include insomnia, headaches, pain, anxiety, worry, low mood, irritability, and difficulty concentrating or focusing.  I teach adults, 18+.

I regularly teach both concentration or closed focused, and mindfulness or open-focused meditation methods. At other times, I also teach an insight method, chakra balancing, and spiritual meditations.

I teach mindful eating principles combined with my MAP (Mindfully Applied Plan) method of losing weight. Concentration meditation is part of this teaching and a very important aspect of losing weight for life.

A recent student sent me this comment:

Hi Kimberly,
I enjoyed the Meditation class.

The overview and explanations were clearly stated and the meditations done in class were exciting. 
I have been working on Breathing/ Concentration meditation for 34 days (no misses).

I would highly recommend your class for anyone interested in learning about this very powerful and useful tool to help transform one’s wellbeing.  It should be noted that the discussions and insights and thoughts of the fellow classmates were both reassuring and inspiring at times.

Clearly I have already benefited from my new “habit” of daily meditation in a number of ways. I make better decisions and feel as if I am  part of a more connected universe!

Thank you,
Michael Spota

and from my class ending May 2015

If you are really serious about learning about meditation and the benefits of doing meditation on a regular basis, you need to take Kimberly’s meditation class.  I found it very informative and helped me meditate daily and I have noticed some of the benefits in just a short time following Kimberly’s instructions.

Kathy S

To read more input from previous students go here.

Please contact me if you have any questions, are interested in learning how to mediate or to inquire about my teaching or holding meditation sessions for you or your business.  Let me know how I can best provide this to you.