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Grounding through a Root Chakra Poem

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Grounding through a Root Chakra Poem

I wrote this poem spontaneously one day after mediating on the root chakra. You can use for a meditation by itself, or as part of a longer meditation that goes through each of the seven main chakras that line up from perineum to the top of the head. The top chakra is fittingly called the Crown and the bottom the Root.

This poem is about the root of your energetic system in your body.  It connects you to the earth, the ground, and stabilizes your human energetic being.  This is the Root chakra and it corresponds to the color Red, like the red clay of the earth.

I am here.
I have a strong and stable connection to Mother  Nature and all the Beauty, Light and Sounds she brings to my life here.

Through my Root chakra I am grounded like the roots of a tree deep into the earth, connecting me to all that is alive.
My energy flows clear through my root and frees my soul-body from the earth, bringing balance and equilibrium to my mind-body.

As I move through my day, as I come to decisions on which I take action it’s from this grounded place.  I take action without attaching to the outcome.
My root connection nurtures my system.  Its non-judgmental fluid heals me as I live inside this body.

I am filled from the ground up with gratitude  for my healthy body, mind and spirit.

I find it quite easy to let words flow from me after meditation practice, and I keep a pad and pen nearby just in case.  It’s best not to read your words or think too much as you are writing.  Try letting  go to whatever wants to flow out onto the paper.

When you feel done writing read it. You’ll discover a rhythm in it. Then you can make  structure and grammatical changes to form prose or a poem.  The options are endless really.

I hope you enjoy adding this to your meditation practice some day.

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